Identifying Strategic Brownfield Sites for Redevelopment and Revitalization in New Cassel

New Cassel Step 2 BOA Nomination


New Cassel Step 2 BOA Nomination


Hamlet of New Cassel, Town of North Hempstead, NY


Town of North Hempstead, NY

AKRF prepared the Step 2 Nomination for the New Cassel Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA), with the goal of identifying strategic brownfield sites for redevelopment and potential uses to stimulate economic revitalization in the hamlet.

A total of 10 Strategic Sites and 4 area-wide implementation strategies were identified based on a variety of factors, including size, location, and ownership, which contribute to a site’s ability to spur community revitalization.

AKRF provided key site inventory and analysis, economic and market trend research, public outreach (including participation by both the civic and business community), and an environmental assessment of the area’s brownfields and other vacant, abandoned, and underutilized sites, along with recommended redevelopment strategies for the Strategic Sites.

As part of this effort, through community outreach and participation, the AKRF assisted the Town in identifying the best potential uses for the Strategic Sites within the proposed BOA, ensuring that they are in keeping with the community vision. Several of these sites, along with other properties within the BOA, are in the process of being redeveloped with some currently under construction.

In-depth economic analyses of the residential, commercial, and industrial markets in the area were undertaken to help validate the choice of Strategic Sites, and to help determine the types of uses best suited for each site that were most likely to be successful.

Particular emphasis was given to the value of arts as an underlying element of a creating a livable community, and integrating the arts not just as an amenity, but as a vital platform for community and economic development. The 2012 Vision Plan Update: An Expression of New Cassel: Advancing the New Cassel Community Vision, built upon the 2003 New Cassel Vision Plan that identified arts as important to the community, focused on the role of the arts in community revitalization, promoting the establishment of ongoing Arts Initiatives for New Cassel and a non-profit New Cassel Arts Council.

New Cassel flyers illustration

AKRF-created public outreach materials for the New Cassel Step 2 BOA Nomination

Extensive outreach sought to reach the community in a variety of ways, including presentations, posters, bilingual flyers (shown above), media articles, and mailings to over 7,000 New Cassel residents. The project also included the establishment of a BOA Steering Committee—including local municipal officials, leaders from community-based organizations or not-for-profits, regional planners, county and state agency representatives, business leaders, and representatives from local religious groups—to help guide the Nomination’s preparation. A series of public information meetings and smaller focus groups, forums, and workshops were undertaken, which served to engage the community in the planning process, contributing to the selection of the New Cassel BOA’s proposed Strategic Sites, potential sites for arts installations, and suggestions for arts-related activities that could involve the community.

The Step 2 Nomination Report was completed in 2013, and was formally adopted by the Town of North Hempstead Town Board. Concurrently, the Step 2 Nomination report was submitted to the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS) for approval, which was also received. This enables the Town to advance the proposed New Cassel BOA to Step 3 of the BOA Program, Implementation Strategy.

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