Revitalizing Downtown Wyandanch

Wyandanch Downtown Revitalization Plan


Wyandanch Downtown Revitalization Plan


Wyandanch, New York


Town of Babylon, New York

AKRF assisted the Town of Babylon on Long Island in inventorying its underutilized properties, identifying sites with potential contamination, and developing a plan to enable the revitalization and future growth of downtown Wyandanch.

In 2008, the Wyandanch project was selected from one of 100+ active projects across the state to present at a New York State Brownfields Smart Growth Spotlight Communities Initiative forum, where the project was introduced to the Governor's Smart Growth Cabinet members to see how each member agency could help support the project.

For this project, AKRF:

  • Ensured compliance with Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) program requirements, including a blight study and an economic and market trends analysis to determine demand for additional housing, retail, office, and industrial activities in downtown Wyandanch.
  • Conducted an extensive environmental data collection effort for underutilized and potential brownfield sites identified in the project area.
  • Identified sites with multiple environmental concerns and those where a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment was recommended. This information was critical to the identification of the Strategic Sites for redevelopment, and will be utilized to procure funding sources to jump-start revitalization of the area.
  • Worked closely with New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Region 1 Office representatives to select brownfield sites in the project area that met the BOA Program’s eligibility criteria (based on ownership, environmental conditions, and potential to spur economic activity) for additional site assessment funding.
  • Participated in ongoing public outreach and participation efforts to update the community on the Town’s progress in downtown Wyandanch and to solicit input and ideas.
  • Completed the Wyandanch Downtown Revitalization Plan, adopted by the Town of Babylon in May 2009, which included a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS), Urban Renewal Plan, and Final New York State BOA Program Step 2 Nomination Report.
Brownfield Redevelopment Overview