Monitoring Program for the Children’s Aid Society School in the Bronx

Children’s Aid Society


Children’s Aid Society


The Bronx, NY


Children’s Aid Society

AKRF is providing a pre-construction survey assessment and monitoring program for Children’s Aid Society at their College Prep Charter School in the Tremont neighborhood of the Bronx.

Our work on this project, which involves the demolition of an abandoned theater and construction of modern school and community center, includes observation of eight buildings adjacent to the project site. In surveying the adjacent properties, AKRF is performing an overall visual assessment of the state of each building’s structural elements and façades, both interior and exterior. We also conducted a pre-construction survey of the adjacent elevated MTA structure for the Nos. 2 and 5 subway lines. The results of this assessment will be presented in a report with supporting photograph documentation.

Where certain areas of concern are identified in the pre-construction survey, such as cracks in structural supports, AKRF will provide and install crack monitors. AKRF will also provide a construction-related vibration monitoring program, which will measure vibration to determine whether levels exceed those required to protect adjacent structures.

In addition, AKRF will research information obtained from the New York City Department of Buildings and Environmental Control Board, and document any relevant building/site violations.

AKRF will also provide a construction-related vibration monitoring program at adjacent properties. This program will keep the construction team apprised of vibration levels at adjacent structures in real time and determine whether vibration levels remain below the threshold necessary to protect those structures.

Once construction activity has ceased, AKRF will conduct a final post-construction survey inspection to assess any changes in existing conditions.

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