Environmental Monitoring at the Grand Slam Ball Field

Grand Slam Ball Field


Grand Slam Ball Field


Ramapo, NY


Town of Ramapo

AKRF provides environmental support for the new Grand Slam Ball Field located in Ramapo, NY. 

Project Grand Slam, which is currently under construction, will result in a minor league baseball stadium, parking lots and accessory training facilities on an approximately 61-acre site, a portion of which was historically used as an orchard.

Because of potential environmental issues associated with the former orchard use, AKRF prepared a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) and Construction Health and Safety Plan (CHASP)  to outline soil management procedures, capping of this site, and required inspection and air monitoring. The RAP and CHASP were approved by the Rockland County Department of Health.

AKRF has performed soil sampling during the course of the project's construction to determine whether excavated material may be used as part of the site cap and we have evaluated alternatives for off-site disposal (for beneficial reuse). In addition, we have performed air monitoring to ensure that the site work does not affect air quality within the surrounding community.  

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