Helping Shubert Theater Select Development Sites so the Show Can Go On

Shubert Theater


Shubert Theater


New York, NY


Shubert Theater Organization

As a result of AKRF’s extensive GIS knowledge and experience working with New York City’s land use and zoning issues, the Shubert Theater Organization was able to locate potential development sites that would result from a proposed expansion of the Theater Subdistrict surrounding Times Square.

Following a set of proposed text changes to the Theater Rehabilitation Bonus of the New York City Zoning Resolution, the Shubert Organization enlisted AKRF to identify potential receiving sites within the expanded subdistrict.

By querying property GIS databases, and performing on-site inspection, AKRF identified underbuilt and underutilized sites.

Through the completion of the analysis, the Shubert organization gained an understanding of the magnitude and location of potential development generated by the proposed Subdistrict expansion and the breadth of analysis required for a full environmental review of the proposal.

Site Selection Overview