Site Selection Analysis for Utility Development in New Jersey

New Jersey Utility Development


New Jersey Utility Development


Various locations, New Jersey



AKRF provided site selection services for a proposed utility development in New Jersey, performing a thorough analysis to identify suitable locations that would satisfy development needs as well as potential regulatory requirements. The proposed development had specific minimum size requirements and was water dependent, so the site had to be within a specified distance of a major water body.

AKRF developed a GIS-based model that would take these and other project-specific constraints into account. The GIS model utilized available databases from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) as well as other sources, including County and Federal databases. Features that were analyzed included:

  • Proximity to major water bodies
  • Proximity to population centers and recreational areas
  • Proximity to known or potential cultural resources
  • Proximity to airports or other transportation centers
  • Presence of threatened or endangered species
  • Percent cover of wetlands

AKRF was able to identify multiple sites that would potentially be suitable for the proposed development project.

Following this, AKRF conducted a more thorough investigation of the most suitable sites to identify potential regulatory constraints. This included detailed analysis of on-site wetlands and other natural resources, comprehensive review of local land use ordinances, and a due diligence analysis to determine if potential contamination issues were present from past or adjacent uses. Our client used these analyses to identify and eventually purchase a site suitable for the proposed development.

AKRF is also coordinating the regulatory approvals required for the project and working closely with the project’s design engineer and Licensed Site Remediation Professional to address existing historic fill issues that will impact both the construction and future operation of the proposed development.  

Site Selection Overview