Rezoning Manhattan’s Hudson Square into Mixed-Use Neighborhood with Residential Uses

Hudson Square Rezoning


Hudson Square Rezoning


New York, NY


Trinity Real Estate

AKRF is providing strategic planning services and preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the rezoning of an 18-block area in the Hudson Square neighborhood of Manhattan.

Our services focus on preparing potential development scenarios under various rezoning options to help our client Trinity Real Estate, a branch of the Parish of Trinity Church, understand the environmental issues that could affect such areas as community facilities, historic resources, transportation and parking, as well as pedestrian circulation.

Hudson Square is a predominantly commercial and manufacturing area with high retail vacancy rates and little street activity. The rezoning seeks to improve Hudson Square by allowing it to evolve into an active, mixed-use neighborhood with residential uses alongside the neighborhood’s current commercial and manufacturing uses. To achieve this goal, the rezoning would allow residential uses while also instituting provisions to preserve the neighborhood’s commercial character.

Strategic Planning Overview