Watershed Management Plans for Southern Connecticut

SWRPA Watershed-Based Management Plans


SWRPA Watershed-Based Management Plans


Various Locations, CT


South Western Regional Planning Agency (SWRPA)

AKRF developed watershed-based management plans for Southern Connecticut’s Saugatuck, Mianus, and Five Mile River watersheds.  The plans are a key step toward improving the quality of these critical watersheds among competing demands and to address existing water quality impairments through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA) nine step watershed-based planning process.  

Following an existing conditions assessment that included modeling existing pollutant loads and assessing habitat and water quality, AKRF developed management goals and strategies for each watershed through facilitated stakeholder workshops. AKRF scientists then worked with the project steering committee to develop a 20-year implementation plan for achieving each plan’s goals.

The final plans for each watershed included an inventory of watershed restoration projects, including stormwater management projects, riparian buffer plantings, and stream restoration projects. These efforts will improve the value and health of each watershed in the short term.

AKRF also developed a maintenance and monitoring plan and public outreach plan for each watershed. 

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