A Plan to Improve Harbor Island Park

Harbor Island Park Master Plan


Harbor Island Park Master Plan


Mamaroneck, NY


Village of Mamaroneck

AKRF developed a master plan for the 44-acre waterfront Harbor Island Park on the Long Island Sound, adjacent to the Village of Mamaroneck central business district.

The firm evaluated the park’s existing conditions and facilities and prepared a new park master plan, in partnership with IQ Landscape Architects, aimed at recapturing and capitalizing on the park’s waterfront location. The plan proposed the relocation and renovation of several existing facilities, including the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary post and a major tennis facility that blocked public reviews of the scenic harbor. The plan included landscape and recreational improvements, wetland restoration, and a reduction of impervious parking surfaces.

AKRF’s planning process featured an extensive public participation program, which involved grass-roots public education and the production of television, press, website, and bilingual outreach communications. To broaden public input, AKRF hosted two public envisioning sessions where the community expressed their visions and brainstormed how the park could be improved.

At the first visioning, participants were divided into “focus groups” and walked through a series of hands-on exercises to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing park, to describe what the park means to them, and to provide ideas for improving the park. 

Once there was a Preliminary Draft Master Plan in place, the community was invited to a second public presentation addressing public input obtained from the prior visioning session and discussions with individual stakeholder groups.

Recognizing the piecemeal development history of the park, the new plan provides a solid framework for future improvements, including recommendations for recreation, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, and overall aesthetics and design.

Waterfront Revitalization Overview