The confluence of elevated train lines and congested city roadways can compound already noisy conditions for New York City residents. AKRF was retained as acoustical consultant for ALTA+, a new 43-story luxury residential and co-living building in Long Island City. We first documented the site’s environmental noise conditions and used a 3D acoustical computer model to examine noise levels for each facade and various elevations of the proposed building. AKRF then recommended to the development team a facade design that would both mitigate the environmental noise and meet zoning requirements for interior noise levels. Our audio simulations helped the development team ‘experience’ not only the overall train pass-by noise level but also how pleasing the interior acoustical environment would be for various window types.

(All images courtesy of Stephen B. Jacobs Group PC | Photo by Alexander Severin) 

In Their Words

“Located directly adjacent to several elevated subway lines and extreme noise levels, the building’s facade and windows were designed to mitigate the effects of exterior ambient sounds on the building.” – Isaac-Daniel Astrachan, Stephen B. Jacobs Group

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