Bergen Avenue Area Reconstruction

The $34 million reconstruction of Bergen Avenue and its vicinity in Brooklyn is projected for completion in 2023 to address poor pavement conditions, narrow or non-existent sidewalks, missing or broken curbs, and an undersized or missing stormwater drainage network. Under contract to the New York City Department of Design and Construction, AKRF is performing final design for the project that includes installing and upgrading 14,000 linear feet of sewer and 9,700 linear feet of water main; one sewer outfall structure and 19 storm sewer chambers; and curb bulb-outs with green infrastructure to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety and stormwater management. Additionally, our geotechnical engineers have evaluated the need for piles in each street and designed mini-piles for selected segments of the proposed sewers.


The $34 million reconstruction of Bergen Avenue will improve pedestrian safety and stormwater management for thousands of residents and businesses.

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