Bridgeport Harbor Station 5

Bringing clean, sustainable energy to over 500,000 homes and businesses in southwestern Connecticut is the goal of Bridgeport Harbor Station 5, a new 485-megawatt combined-cycle power plant by PSEG Power that came online in 2019. From air quality and noise impacts to coastal zone reviews and natural resources, AKRF managed full multimedia licensing and permitting to ensure the facility began commercial operation on time, and we have continued to provide environmental compliance support for the project through construction. PSEG Power won a 2019 Aquarion Environmental Champion Award for Bridgeport Harbor Station 5, which has one of the lowest carbon footprints per megawatt of energy produced among the fossil units of PSEG Power.

(Top image courtesy of PSEG)

In Their Words

“PSEG is committed to producing cleaner energy and the safe and timely commissioning of Bridgeport Harbor Station Unit 5 is a testament to that effort.” – Ralph LaRossa, PSEG Power President and COO

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