DC Water Rock Creek “A” Green Infrastructure

The Clean Rivers Project, a $2.7 billion program by DC Water to reduce combined sewer overflows into the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers and Rock Creek, saw the construction of its first green infrastructure project with Rock Creek ‘A’ from Oglethorpe Street NW to Gallatin Street NW and 3rd Place NW to First Street NE. AKRF and Nitsch Engineering are leading the design and maintenance of 79 green infrastructure facilities to manage stormwater runoff from 15.6 impervious acres and 29.4 acres of total contributing drainage area. The project’s green infrastructure practices include rain gardens in planter strips and curb extensions, permeable pavement on streets and alleys, and downspout disconnection, including rain barrels.

Our team executed a project delivery approach that addressed schedule risks by strategically phasing project installation and including contingency approaches that allowed the construction to extend into winter months to meet required project deadlines.

Construction of underdrain

Installation of permeable pavement

Functional testing of permeable pavement

Functional testing

Plant installation


Five years since establishing an innovative Environmental Impact Bond, DC Water announced the design-build delivery of green infrastructure practices reduced stormwater runoff into Rock Creek by nearly 20 percent.

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