Philadelphia Water Department Regulatory Consulting Services

AKRF was retained by the Philadelphia Water Department to update municipal stormwater regulations and meet the responsibilities outlined in the Consent Order and Agreement and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, while increasing customer confidence in the department’s stormwater plan review process. Our update provided flexible compliance options for regulated sites by focusing on incentive-based regulations; these changes are reflected in the redevelopment of the existing Stormwater Management Guidance Manual, which represents the primary source of stormwater management information for the private development community in Philadelphia. A key update to the stormwater regulations and the post-construction water quality requirement was the need for filtration of the entire water quality volume that cannot be infiltrated on site. AKRF worked with the Philadelphia Water Department to develop technical guidance and policies in order to implement this new filtration requirement.

Stakeholder engagement

PWD internal training and resources website developed by AKRF

Stormwater Management Guidance Manual developed by AKRF

Guidance Manual graphic developed by AKRF shows bioinfiltration bioretenton basin with typical features

Guidance Manual graphic developed by AKRF shows bioretention basin with subsurface detention

Guidance Manual graphic developed by AKRF shows Stormwater Management Practices to manage runoff in residential multi-family development


Our work is reflected in the City of Philadelphia’s updated Stormwater Management Guidance Manual.

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