Port Morris Harlem Riverfront Brownfield Opportunity Area

The Port Morris Harlem Riverfront Brownfield Opportunity Area in the Bronx comprises a 168-acre area bounded by the Harlem River to the south and west. AKRF worked with the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation to identify potential redevelopment properties with the greatest potential to jump-start the area’s commercial and residential development and transform this declining industrial area consistent with the City of New York’s vision. We analyzed and rated relevant site infrastructure elements, evaluated access characteristics of catalyst sites, and assessed the severity of environmental concerns. We then developed individual site profiles and completed the necessary Step 2 nomination report. For the Step 3 implementation strategy, AKRF prepared an economic and market trends analysis to assess demand for a variety of uses to be incorporated in the mixed-use development, and we tested design schemes to ensure the larger development project is financeable and financially viable.

(Top image courtesy of MUD Workshop)

Courtesy of MUD Workshop


The plan will help activate over 168 acres of vacant and underutilized land and provide 1.4 miles of shoreline development.

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