U.S. Route 6 Adaptive Traffic Control System

Cortlandt Crossing is a new 36-acre, $65 million shopping center along U.S. Route 6 in Mohegan Lake, New York. Following completion of the Environmental Impact Statement pursuant to SEQRA, AKRF provided design, permitting, and construction inspection services for the roadway and traffic signal improvements identified as necessary to provide for sufficient traffic flow. Improvements included two new traffic signals adjacent to the proposed development as well as the design and installation of an emergency preemption system for ten intersections and, most notably, the New York State Department of Transportation Hudson Valley Region’s first adaptive traffic control system for seven traffic signals along approximately 1.6 miles of U.S. Route 6.


Our comparison of pre- and post-installation conditions determined the system was successful in both reducing the duration of peak periods of congestion as well as travel times.

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