Zoning For Coastal Flood Resiliency

In March 2021, the New York City Planning Commission approved the Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency citywide text amendment to update the Special Regulations Applying in Flood Hazard Areas of the New York City Zoning Resolution, which includes temporary zoning rules adopted on an emergency basis to remove barriers hindering the reconstruction and retrofitting of buildings affected by Superstorm Sandy and to help ensure new construction will be more resilient. AKRF performed the air, noise, and natural resources analyses as a subconsultant for the text amendment’s environmental review pursuant to City Environmental Quality Review requirements. Features of the amendment include an expanded geography, enhanced building envelope, alternatives for the relocation of equipment, and a zoning framework that facilitates recovery from future disasters.

Jim Henderson


Zoning for Coastal Flood Resiliency was approved by the City Planning Commission on March 17, 2021.

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