Climate Action Planning & Policy Facilitation

AKRF supports climate action planning throughout the spectrum of government agencies and organizations, from local municipalities and cities through municipal planning organizations (MPOs), state agencies, and states, as well as other organizations such as schools and universities. Our climate action plan expertise ranges from short term implementation plans through long range policy development.

We are well versed in the multitude of tools, data, and methods available for developing greenhouse gas emission inventories and forecasts and analyzing the environmental, energy, and economic implications of policies and strategies. We also develop custom approaches and models to provide insight specific to your project's needs while meeting the required standards. 

The scope of our services includes:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions inventory development
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Sector analysis including transportation; electricity; residential, commercial, and industrial buildings; industrial process; land-use; and more
  • Lifecycle and fuel-cycle analyses
  • Consumption-based and production-based accounting
  • Policy development facilitation, outreach, and consensus building
  • Review of regulatory settings and existing policies
  • Preparation of catalogs of potential policy options
  • Technical analysis for Climate Action Plans including emissions, cost effectiveness, societal cost, and investment needs
  • Custom data and analysis tool development, including web-based data presentation and analysis