New Jersey Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) GHG Inventories

New Jersey Greenhouse Gas Inventories


New Jersey Greenhouse Gas Inventories


New Jersey



AKRF led the GHG inventory projects for North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA) and South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization (SJTPO), creating the baseline for future GHG mitigation efforts by the MPOs, counties, and municipalities in both northern and southern New Jersey.

AKRF co-managed the development of a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory and forecast for NJTPA, including the NJTPA region’s 13 counties and 384 municipalities in northern New Jersey. Following the success of the NJTPA project, AKRF was selected to lead the development of a baseline GHG inventory for SJTPO, including SJTPO’s four counties and 68 municipalities.

The purpose of these inventories was to quantify the kinds and amount of climate-changing gases emitted in each region and their distribution by county and municipality. The inventories also serve as a baseline for future emission projections, and as such, were intended to help state, regional, and local policy makers and citizens understand the existing sources of GHG emissions so that well-informed policy decisions can be made to reduce these emissions. The NJTPA inventory also included emissions forecasts out to 2050 (forecasts for SJTPO are expected to be undertaken in the next phase of the project). These efforts employed some innovative approaches, allowing for better identification of the true and full benefits of future mitigation efforts in the region.

AKRF also undertook extensive data collection and analysis, provided assistance to NJTPA sub-regions in conducting additional inventory refinements, and facilitated interagency and stakeholder collaboration.

Read the NJTPA Regional Regional Gas Emissions Inventory and Forecast Final Report.

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