Claims Avoidance and Mitigation

AKRF offers claims avoidance and mitigation services to help clients complete their construction projects on schedule while avoiding costly claims.

We understand the impact that claims, when left unmanaged, can have on a construction project, and assist our clients in developing project level solutions.

With our experience in all facets of engineering and construction, we can help our clients address claims that are proper and justifiable to the satisfaction of all parties.

AKRF’s claims avoidance and mitigation expertise includes:

  • Evaluation of Construction Claims and Associated Documents
  • Delay, Inefficiency, Acceleration, and Other Impact Analyses
  • Evaluating, Pricing, and Negotiating Change Orders
  • Claims Avoidance Strategy
  • Contract and Specification Interpretation
  • Evaluation of Differing Site and Contract Conditions
  • Evaluation of Design Errors and Construction Defects
  • Cost Analysis