Construction Services

AKRF’s cultural resources group offers construction phase services for both historic and archaeological concerns.

We prepare construction protection plans for historic structures, document historical resources in text and photographs to meet archival standards, and obtain the needed authorization by key agencies to advance projects. We also perform building condition surveys to assist developers in documenting the physical conditions of historic structures during the course of a project.

For archaeological resources, AKRF can prepare archaeological sensitivity assessments; compile and implement testing, monitoring, and unanticipated discovery plans; process and analyze artifacts in-house; and, last but not least, write final reports.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Coordination with contractors and historic review agencies
  • Construction Protection Plans (including vibration monitoring)
  • Pre- and post-construction surveys
  • Plans for archaeological monitoring, testing, and unanticipated discoveries
  • Archaeological testing and monitoring
  • Artifact processing and analysis in-house
  • Archival research and photographic documentation
  • Salvage plans for architectural and decorative elements