Environmental Impact Assessment: State & Local Environmental Compliance

AKRF has prepared thousands of environmental impact assessments that meet the requirements of state and local agencies in support of master plans, rezonings, project approvals, site plan approvals, and funding decisions.

We have extensive experience working in New York State and New York City under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) and New York City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR)—local environmental review processes that apply to projects in New York. This includes preparation of Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), New York State Environmental Assessment Forms (EAFs), and New York City Environmental Assessment Statements (EASs). In New York City, we contributed to the development of all three editions of the CEQR Technical Manual, which is the guiding document for undertaking environmental review in New York City.

In other states, we prepare environmental documentation in support of site plan and permit applications consistent with local requirements. For example, AKRF works in New Jersey preparing environmental reviews in support of Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA) permits. 

The scope of our services includes:

  • Development of EIS scoping documents
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)
  • Environmental Assessments (EAs)
  • New York City Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) Support
  • Statement of Findings
  • Agency coordination
  • Public review
  • Permitting and compliance