Queens Waterfront Development

131-01 39th Avenue


131-01 39th Avenue


Queens, NY


Private Owner

AKRF’s multi-disciplinary team provided geotechnical, marine, and site/civil engineering services for a 130,000-square-foot waterfront development proposed in the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, NY.

AKRF’s review of historic land use maps indicated the site was formerly marshland of Flushing Creek. The site was filled over time with miscellaneous uncontrolled fill. AKRF anticipated the western half of the site would be underlain with soft organic soils, and the eastern half of the site would be underlain by natural sand.

The subsurface exploration required the use of one limited access track-mounted drill rig to advance interior borings, and multiple truck-mounted drill rigs to advance exterior borings. In anticipation of the need for site specific seismic analysis, AKRF advanced seismic cone penetration tests (sCPT) across the site. AKRF provided full-time Special Inspection and completed the subsurface exploration ahead of schedule. This approach offered significant cost savings for the client.

AKRF provided recommendations for the design and construction of a combination of a deep foundation system and a shallow foundation system; steel pipe piles and high capacity steel Tapertube™ piles were recommended for the western portion of the site, and a shallow mat foundation was recommended for the eastern portion of the site.

AKRF’s advanced finite element analysis capabilities gave the client an alternative to construct a mat foundation at the eastern portion of the site, providing the client with significant foundation construction savings.

Our geotechnical engineering services for this project included:

  • Comprehensive engineering report
  • Historic land use and map review
  • Subsurface exploration
  • Shallow and deep foundation analysis and design
  • Special Inspections
  • Site-specific liquefaction evaluation
  • Lateral and axial uplift pile capacity analysis
  • Finite element modeling

Geotechnical Engineering Overview