Finding Firm Ground for New Parking on Staten Island

St. George Outlet Mall and NY Wheel


St. George Outlet Mall and NY Wheel


Staten Island, NY


The New York City Department of Small Business Services (DSBS)

As part of its review of the St. George Redevelopment project area on Staten Island, AKRF is providing site/civil and geotechnical analyses for developing selected parcels into parking lots with on-site stormwater detention basins and parking lifts to stack cars.

AKRF’s geotechnical group is performing borings at these parcels to determine the type of subgrade soils present at the site, including insitu permeability properties (for design of the basins) and allowable bearing pressures (for support of the parking lifts).

These interim parking lots will serve commuters during construction of the new outlet mall near the St. George’s Terminal for the Staten Island Ferry. 

Geotechnical Engineering Overview