Subsurface Explorations

AKRF’s engineers are experienced in providing direction and on-site monitoring of explorations to determine subsurface conditions for use in foundation design and construction-related activities. 

Our engineers provide expertise early in a project by reviewing and processing soil, bedrock, and groundwater data collected in the field, and using these data to help evaluate appropriate foundation alternatives.

AKRF is registered as a New York City Department of Buildings Special Inspection Agency to provide oversight during the subsurface exploration aspects of a project.

Our scope of work generally includes:

  • Preparation of the subsurface exploration program, including preliminary boring layout and laboratory analyses
  • Continuous oversight of all field exploration work, including logging of boreholes and test pits, classification/description of collected soil samples, and monitoring of groundwater levels
  • Summary of soil and bedrock conditions encountered
  • Coordination with hazardous materials site assessment and remediation efforts