Application Development

AKRF’s GIS group is able to develop applications tailored toward the client’s specific needs. We provide ArcGIS Desktop and mobile functions, including scripting and custom macros for task automation and comprehensive applications. 

AKRF’s extensive experience with large, complex property, topographic, hydrologic, and infrastructure datasets has enabled our GIS Group to successfully develop GIS-based field data collection applications. We have also developed an ArcGIS extension with custom tools that enables users to evaluate different Best Management Practice (BMP) options, their impact on fee reduction, and produce reports.

These applications are customized to specific projects. For instance, in assisting Philadelphia Water to evaluate potential modifications to commercial properties (which would allow the owners to reduce stormwater runoff and to qualify for credits to reduce stormwater fees), the GIS team leveraged the City of Philadelphia’s extensive base map data and software to provide easy-to-use, interactive tools. The design team was therefore able to draw proposed features on the map and make fee calculations based on their square footage in real time.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Custom ArcGIS Desktop and Mobile functions, tools, and programs
  • Integrating GIS with other programs and systems
  • GPS/GIS mobile data collection