Shadows Studies Shed Light on Development of New Building in Manhattan

135 East 47th Street Shadow Study


135 East 47th Street Shadow Study


New York, NY


Extell Development Company

AKRF completed a shadows analysis to assess whether or not the transfer of air rights from an existing apartment building to a proposed residential building would impact the extent of shadow falling on the existing building’s courtyard.

The total bulk of the new residential building, to be located on East 47th Street in Manhattan, would potentially be assembled with air rights from surrounding tax lots, including from the Buchanan Apartments, a building on Third Avenue with a private interior courtyard.

AKRF considered two development scenarios for the 47th Street building in the analysis.

Our GIS specialists used three-dimensional (3D) MicroStation V8i (SELECTSeries 3) computer mapping software to calculate and display the proposed project’s shadows on individual representative days of the year.

A computer model was developed containing 3D representations of the two proposed project scenarios, street layout, topographic information, and the Buchanan interior courtyard.

The analysis found that due to the relative positioning of the proposed project to the Buchanan interior courtyard the additional FAR resulting from the transfer of air rights would not result in additional new shadow on the interior courtyard.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Overview