Landscape Designers Complete Master Plan for Mill Hill Historic Site

Mill Hill Historic Site Master Plan


Mill Hill Historic Site Master Plan


Norwalk, CT


Norwalk Redevelopment Agency

AKRF's landscape designers and planners, teaming with Museum Insights, completed a Master Plan for the Mill Hill Historic Site in Norwalk, Connecticut.

The Mill Hill property, once Norwalk’s civic center, consists of five historic structures and a Revolutionary War Era cemetery on a 2.5 acre site overlooking the Norwalk River. The hill top site has been preserved as a cultural public space and currently functions as a “living museum” run by the Norwalk Historical Society.

The Master Plan’s goal positions Mill Hill to play a significant role in promoting interest in local history while supporting the revitalization of the adjacent Wall Street area as a mixed use residential neighborhood. The ultimate plan will incorporate the programmatic needs of Mill Hill as an historic and cultural site, while addressing the recreational open space needs of current and future residents.

The project team’s planning process began with a series of discussions and meetings with stakeholders held over a two-day period. The team next compiled and analyzed information about the physical site, the current programmatic functions, and the Historical Society’s organizational needs. This information was documented in a report which established the design team's recommendations for elements to include in the Historic Site Master Plan.

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