Trail Planning in New Paltz, NY

New Paltz Flats Trail Master Plan


New Paltz Flats Trail Master Plan


New Paltz, NY


Village of New Paltz

AKRF developed a master plan and facilitated a public engagement process for the initial segment of the New Paltz Flats Bicycle/Pedestrian Trail. Running alongside Route 299 west of the Village of New Paltz, NY, the recommended trail alignment and layout will improve safety, convenience, and accessibility for non-motorized transportation while enhancing the user experience and maintaining the rural roadway character.

AKRF worked toward a plan that could be implemented in the short term and that was achievable in terms of cost, layout, and location.We performed a site assessment, which included working closely with the project sponsors to understand the past, current, and probable future land ownership of the project site. We documented the existing site conditions based on information made publicly available by state and federal agencies, site observations, and our team’s intimate knowledge of the project site.

The AKRF team identified several location-specific design decision points based on the existing conditions assessments. We developed a decision matrix to clarify and document the analysis in terms of design intent, while identifying constraints and available design options. This analysis provided guidance in the development of the two conceptual alternatives presented at the public workshop.

Largely due to the participatory planning process, the New Paltz Flats Trail Master Plan has been met by overwhelming approval from the community.


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