Function Meets Aesthetics in Philadelphia Community Wetland and Bioinfiltration System

Stormwater Design Pennypack Homeowners Association


Stormwater Design Pennypack Homeowners Association


Philadelphia, PA


Pennypack Homeowners Association

The AKRF landscape planning and design group prepared the landscape plans, specifications, and cost estimates to manage approximately 64 acres of stormwater runoff for the Pennypack Homeowners Association, a residential community in northeast Philadelphia. 

This smart design combined both beauty and brains. Taking into consideration the surrounding buildings, landscape aesthetics, and program uses, AKRF selected native plants to achieve a design that enhances habitat value, water filtration, and aesthetics.

Ecological improvements for the site include a range of habitats such as open water-wetland fringe, high marsh, wet meadow, extended detention, and upland meadow, along with bluebird nesting boxes.

In addition, the proposed design includes improved passive recreational and educational amenities for the community, such as a pedestrian bridge, pedestrian trails, viewing platforms, and picnic seating areas.

The landscape planning and design group prepared hand sketch visualizations to communicate what the facility would look like integrated into the existing landscape and presented these at board meetings in order to help members prioritize goals and integrate value-added amenities into the concept. 

Landscape Planning & Design Overview