Site Design

AKRF approaches site design with a specialized set of skills, talents, and knowledge for the design of the spaces which are the settings for daily life.  Maintaining an approach that is sensitive to natural systems, we find creative and cost effective solutions to site design challenges. 

Our landscape designers conduct site analyses and use visual tools to identify and illustrate the site’s opportunities and constraints as they pertain to project program requirements.  AKRF’s multi-disciplinary staff is often called upon to provide assistance in addressing specialized issues including sensitive natural resources, historic resources, or transportation which may drive or enhance a project.

Our experience includes sites of varied scalesfrom a mile long streetscape to a 125 acre recreation area. We work in contexts and settings such urban plazas, suburban parks, and conservation area trails in rural areas. Regardless of the context, setting, or scale of a project, our work seeks to enrich everyday experiences through superior design of physical spaces.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Urban design
  • Streetscapes
  • Recreation areas
  • Transportation and pedestrian safety