Rewriting the Newburgh Zoning Code to Adapt to the City's Current Needs

City of Newburgh, NY Zoning Code Revisions


City of Newburgh, NY Zoning Code Revisions


Newburgh, NY


Greater Newburgh Partnership

AKRF has completed a comprehensive rewrite of the City of Newburgh Zoning Code, including conducting the environmental (i.e., SEQRA) review and leading an extensive public engagement process.  

The project objective was to rewrite the City of Newburgh zoning code to align with the recently adopted Land Use Plan by:

  • Updating sections of the code no longer relevant to how people live and work today
  • Allowing the creative repurposing of existing buildings for newer more timely uses
  • Streamlining the application process to alleviate the constant need for variances to the existing code, which currently causes developers and the City alike needless delay and money  

The contemporary zoning code facilitates and encourages new and sustainable development with the goal of transforming the City as a great place to live, work, and to conduct business.  

Recognizing rezoning as a transformative project to benefit the City of Newburgh, the Greater Newburgh Partnership (GNP) secured a Dyson Foundation grant and partnered with AKRF to make it happen.

Project components included:

  • Reviewing previously completed Newburgh planning and policy documents
  • Extensive fieldwork
  • Preparing GIS based land use and zoning maps
  • Weekly client conference calls
  • Bi-weekly meetings over the course of approximately 8 months, with a Leadership Team comprising city officials and staff, and representatives from various constituency, neighborhood and non-for-profit groups within the City
  • Public Engagement Meetings
  • Preparation of required State Environmental Quality Review Act analyses

The proposed code is a combination of a Euclidean Code and a Form Based Code, designed to identify specific, targeted areas of this diverse Hudson River waterfront community located in Orange County, New York, for development, redevelopment, and revitalization.

The City of Newburgh, with a population of approximately 30,000, lies on the western edge of the Hudson River, in Orange County, NY. 

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