Zoning Studies & Code Development

AKRF has extensive experience in assisting municipalities with crafting zoning that results in desired and compatible development.

We have prepared zoning studies and written zoning codes to achieve a wide variety of goals for downtown centers and for rural communities. These codes have transformed dilapidated downtown and formerly industrial areas into vibrant mixed-use communities and preserved significant tracts of open space in communities that are seeing significant development pressure.

Our team employs the latest planning and zoning strategies for achieving these goals including transfer of development rights (TDR), purchase of development rights (PDR), conservation or cluster subdivision, transit oriented development (TOD), and traditional neighborhood design (TND).

For some locations, we have developed special area plans and design guidelines to recognize unique environmental features or architectural character found in certain areas.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Zoning Code and Map Amendments
  • Zoning code rewrites
  • Special Overlay and Resource Protection Codes
  • Build-Out analyses