Stormwater Management for Johns Hopkins University

Stormwater Management for Johns Hopkins University


Stormwater Management for Johns Hopkins University


Baltimore, Maryland


Johns Hopkins University

AKRF developed a Stormwater Management Master Plan (SWMMP) for Johns Hopkins University’s (JHU’s) Homewood Campus in Baltimore, Maryland. The plan is the first of its kind under Baltimore’s new stormwater regulations.

Through development of the plan, AKRF helped JHU secure concept approvals for all stormwater management systems needed to support the University’s 20-year master plan, a huge time and cost savings. The plan also establishes an inter-project trading and accounting system that gives JHU flexibility in meeting stormwater management requirements. By looking at the campus as a whole, AKRF was also able to help JHU meet its stormwater quantity requirements using low cost practices such as reforestation and meadow creation, rather than expensive structural practices.

The plan also identifies stormwater retrofits than can be implemented on developed portions of the campus. These projects will assist JHU in implementing several aspects of its sustainability plan, including reducing the use of potable water for landscape irrigation and reducing energy use associated with maintaining conventional turf areas.

In developing the SWMMP, AKRF developed a GIS geodatabase of stormwater infrastructure, including pipes, inlets, and outfall structures, proposed stormwater treatment practices, and land cover. AKRF developed guidance for using the database to track progress toward stormwater-related sustainability metrics and regulatory goals, while documenting maintenance activities.

AKRF is continuing to provide ongoing support to implement the SWMMP, including updating the plan as projects are implemented and providing periodic progress reports to Baltimore City.

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