Listening to the Community to Redevelop a Historic Maryland Town

Historic Easton Redevelopment


Historic Easton Redevelopment


Easton, Maryland


Historic Easton, Inc.

In preparing the plan for Historic Easton Redevelopment, AKRF conducted public meetings to identify specific needs and to better understand the community’s vision for the future of the downtown area of this Maryland town. This year-long effort involved extensive community input, including public workshops and interaction with merchants, businesses, government officials, and historic preservationists.

The objective of the market-based master plan was to create a more livable, vibrant town center that emphasizes its historic heritage, strengthens its existing retail base, and creates new, contextually appropriate development and investment opportunities in the downtown area. AKRF also completed extensive market research including a comprehensive merchandising assessment of the downtown retail environment, and an urban design and development guideline assessment to promote growth in the region.

Specific task work included:

  • A detailed inventory of retail businesses
  • Retail gap analyses
  • A residential market assessment
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Infrastructure and site suitability analyses

Based on the firm’s research and outreach, AKRF identified five infill sites for concept plan development, proposed a mix of uses for those sites, and conducted preliminary development proformas to establish their economic feasibility.

Public Outreach Overview