Visual Communications

Visual materials are a critical part of communicating effectively and keeping stakeholders and the public apprised during the planning process. At AKRF, we have extensive experience in developing visual communications materials for public outreach. Using our creativity and technical expertise, AKRF marketing specialists, content developers, writers, graphic designers, photographers, and digital media developers work together to translate information into well-designed materials that accomplish our clients'  program objectives on time and within budget.

Our  visual communications services include design and development of:

  • Marketing and branding materials: brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, fact sheets, logos, document templates, ads, and proposals
  • Public information materials: announcements, notices, reports, signage, and direct mail campaigns 
  • Meeting and conference materials: presentations, posters, displays, and promotional items
  • Technical graphics: maps, renderings, infographics, and photo visualizations
  • Digital media: websites, online surveys, and email campaigns