Gedney Way Landfill Closure

Gedney Way Landfill Closure


Gedney Way Landfill Closure


White Plains, NY


City of White Plains Department of Public Works (DPW)

AKRF has provided environmental consulting services for the City of White Plains to support composting operations and complete landfill closure requirements at the Gedney Way Leaf and Yard Waste Compost facility.

The facility was used for over 30 years as a disposal area for ash, municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, and other miscellaneous waste. The facility ceased waste disposal activities in 1979 and a soil cap was placed over the landfill.

AKRF's work for this site has included engineering and permitting for leaf composting, and an extensive subsurface investigation to provide the necessary data to complete closure of the former landfill. The subsurface investigation included documentation of a complete disposal history at the landfill, and collection of soil and groundwater samples to confirm the extent of landfill material and associated contamination. The investigation included a vapor intrusion assessment to evaluate on-site and off-site soil gas and indoor air quality associated with chlorinated solvent contamination from the landfill.

On behalf of the City of White Plains, AKRF completed landfill closure activities to fulfill the requirements of a NYSDEC Order on Consent. The closure process included a subsurface investigation to determine the nature and extent of landfill materials and leachate, planning and conceptual design to complete landfill closure, and construction of the landfill cap. 

The closure design included engineering features to meet the performance requirements for landfill closure, and also allow the City of White Plains to use the property as a Department of Public Works operations yard. Landfill cap installation was completed in December 2013, and AKRF is completing performance monitoring to confirm that the site cap is effective in meeting the landfill closure goals. 

Site Assessment & Remediation Overview