Remediation Work for the New Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium


Yankee Stadium


Bronx, New York


Yankees Organization

In addition to preparing an EIS and providing strategic planning support for the redevelopment of Yankee Stadium, AKRF conducted Phase I and II studies to assess the potential for contaminants in soil and groundwater and appropriate hazardous materials handling and disposal.

Based on results from the Phase I study, AKRF developed a Phase II subsurface investigation to evaluate potential subsurface contamination. Subsurface investigation activities included:

  • Conducting geophysical surveys to search for suspected underground petroleum storage tanks
  • Installing more than 40 soil borings on 11 lots throughout the project area
  • Field screening of soil gas for volatile organics and methane
  • Laboratory analysis of soil and groundwater samples for common urban contaminants, including petroleum-related compounds, PCBs, metals, and pesticides.

Investigation results were used to assess the potential for hazardous materials exposure resulting from the proposed project, and to develop mitigation measures to avoid any significant impacts.

This scope of work, including negotiating regulatory approvals and coordinating site access with the various property owners, was completed over a five-month period to meet the tight project deadlines.

Site Assessment & Remediation Overview