Stronger, Smarter Infrastructure Along Manhattan’s East Side Coastal Areas

East Side Coastal Resiliency


East Side Coastal Resiliency


New York, NY


New York City Department of Design and Construction

AKRF is leading a multi-consultant team to provide engineering, planning, landscape design, urban design, and community engagement services for the East Side Coastal Resiliency project, a new flood protection system to shield coastal areas along the east side of Lower Manhattan.

Stretching from Montgomery to East 23rd Street, East Side Coastal Resiliency is the first segment of the “BIG U” concept, which was developed recently through a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Rebuild by Design Competition and received the largest award from HUD for post-Sandy resiliency.

The AKRF team is performing Engineering Feasibility Study and Pre-Scoping tasks as well as preparing an Environmental Impact Statement for this project. Our efforts will also include complex design services for 500+ year storm protection with anticipated sea level rise in the project area.

Addressing distinct geographic areas, each component of the design will support resiliency, community protection, and be implemented as a stand-alone measure. Each measure will be designed with future enhancement in mind, with the flexibility to account for resiliency goals in years to come.

The project includes engineering design, environmental review and permitting efforts, a thorough investigation of infrastructure, and the following site-specific studies:

  • Infrastructure Evaluation and Engineering Studies
  • Design of Roadway, Parks, and Utility Infrastructure
  • Flood Protection Design and Systems Operations
  • Hydrology and Drainage Modeling
  • Waterfront Access and Recreational Enhancements

The AKRF team is developing an alternatives analysis that will ultimately lead to a conceptual design and cost estimate. An important part of the project is engaging the local community in the design efforts to ensure the proposed integrated flood protection system alternative is consistent with community input and needs.

Through these efforts, AKRF is on schedule to complete the analyses and arrive at a conceptual design for the project by the end of 2015.

Site/Civil Engineering Overview