Upgrading an Underutilized Open Space in the South Bronx

Soundview Park Green Infrastructure and Site Design


Soundview Park Green Infrastructure and Site Design


Bronx, NY


New York City Department of Parks and Recreation

AKRF is assisting the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR) with the revitalization of Soundview Park, an underutilized open space in the South Bronx, into a destination park for the surrounding community.

The updated park will include improved scenic vistas of the East and Bronx Rivers, a riverside amphitheater for public performances, enhanced and expanded recreational facilities, restored natural ecological elements, and on-site green infrastructure stormwater management, among other features.

AKRF’s engineers prepared the construction documents and coordinated all aspects of the Park's infrastructure design with NYCDPR, regulatory agencies, and the project team. These include utilities, grading and sidewalk improvements, stormwater management system, sanitary sewer connections, and playground improvements.

In addition to the design-related tasks, AKRF prepared the necessary environmental assessment and permit documents for the project.

For the park’s environmental impairments, including contaminated and hazardous levels of soil in various locations, AKRF cataloged previous environmental testing, designed an additional testing program necessary to fully characterize the environmental conditions, and will coordinate remediation efforts to make the park safer for the public.

Our work on the park’s development has also included:

  • Preparation of construction documents and specifications for the new playground's features.
  • Utility improvements and coordination with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection for new combined sewer connection for the Metcalf Avenue and Rosedale Avenue Play Areas.
  • Design of the drainage system, and preparation of related construction documents, for an athletic track and field.
  • Planning for stormwater management systems, including rain gardens to capture and treat runoff in the area of the new riverside amphitheater.
  • Construction administration, and regular inspection and oversight.

Site/Civil Engineering Overview