Saratoga Race Course Redevelopment Plan Improves Visitor Experience

Saratoga Race Course Redevelopment Plan


Saratoga Race Course Redevelopment Plan


Saratoga Springs, NY


New York Racing Association

AKRF is providing a redevelopment plan for the oldest race course still in existence in the United States, the historic Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, NY.

The first ever comprehensive review of the site’s historic facilities, the redevelopment plan includes new buildings, grandstand and luxury boxes, parking areas, pedestrian facilities such as walkways and pavilions, horse paths, and planted areas as well as the upgrading, restoration, and replacement of the critical facilities necessary to provide for the workers and horses which underpin the Race Course operations.

As part of this project, AKRF:

  • Assessed existing vehicular, pedestrian, parking, and delivery truck operations during peak season visitation levels
  • Developed future visitation estimates based on historical data
  • Analyzed existing and future intersection operations
  • Assisted the project team in the development of new pedestrian plazas, vehicle drop-off areas, and new delivery truck facilities

Traffic & Transportation Overview