Audiovisual & Multimedia

The audiovisual and multimedia consulting and design practice at AKRF is closely aligned and integrated with our prominent acoustics, noise, and vibration team. We provide audiovisual and multimedia services for all types of buildings and spaces, including: corporate facilities; commercial buildings; hotels; residential and housing properties; single- and mixed-use retail properties; industrial facilities; healthcare institutions; higher-education institutions; K-12 schools; life sciences facilities; sports and recreation facilities; and professional sound recording facilities.

Our services include: requirements planning; space programming; project management; engineering design; technology integration; functional testing; and bid package preparation and management. Spaces to be planned, programmed, designed, and integrated include conference rooms, lecture halls, classrooms, television studios, auditoriums, training rooms, executive boardrooms, building lobbies and common spaces, and much more.

Photo by Ashok Sinha

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Our Services

  • Requirements planning
  • Space programming
  • Project management
  • Engineering design
  • Technology integration
  • Functional testing
  • Bid package preparation and management
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