Traffic & Transportation

Whether you walk, bike, drive, or ride, AKRF is looking out for your mobility, safety, and comfort. With a strong foundation in traffic engineering and transportation planning—and experience with the latest innovative practices including Complete Streets and context-sensitive roadway designs, multimodal simulation, and Adaptive Traffic Control Systems—our industry leaders address each project’s unique challenges.

Our engineers and planners work side-by-side on behalf of municipalities, government agencies, and real estate owners and developers to meet their everyday and long-range transportation needs. Our sophisticated survey methodologies provide the most precise and detailed transportation network data, and we employ state-of the-art technology such as VISSIM, VISWALK, Synchro/SimTraffic, AutoTURN, and GIS applications for the simulation and analysis of traffic, parking, and pedestrian/bicycle conditions.

Our improvement plans and mitigation strategies address issues concerning vehicular and pedestrian operations, and we coordinate with various agencies on design, permitting, and implementation requirements. AKRF prepares design documents for new roadways, street improvement projects, intersection modifications, and access improvement studies. We expedite approvals from various agencies and monitor implementation during construction.

Transportation Microsimulation

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Our Services

  • Traffic, parking, transit, and pedestrian/bicycle analysis
  • Corridor studies
  • Multimodal simulation modeling
  • Trip generation and travel demand forecasting
  • Complete Streets planning and design
  • Traffic signal design including Adaptive Traffic Control and preemption systems
  • Pedestrian, vehicle, transit, and bike safety assessments
  • Construction impact assessment
  • Roadway and traffic signal construction work and occupancy permitting
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