Advancing Brownfield Redevelopment on the Long Island City Waterfront

Queens West Development Project


Queens West Development Project


Queens, NY


Queens West Development Corporation; AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

AKRF has played a key role in advancing the Queens West Development Project, an ambitious undertaking to transform an underused industrial waterfront property in Long Island City into one of New York City’s largest, most vibrant mixed-use communities.

AKRF’s involvement in the project began more than 15 years ago, when the firm was hired to lead the fast-track completion of a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in order to determine the site’s suitability for conversion from a wholly industrial use to a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational uses.

To complete the EIS, AKRF’s tasks included:

  • Compiling a land use history of the site from the early 1800s to the present
  • Conducting hazardous materials studies to characterize and develop remediation strategies for on-site contamination from the former Standard Oil refinery and other previous industries on the site
  • Preparing natural and historic resources investigations

AKRF has been an integral part of the project’s public review process by coordinating public agencies’ involvement, handling the project’s complicated hazardous materials and waterfront permitting issues, and managing several other aspects of the joint public-private development effort, including remediation of Parcel 9 of the redevelopment area, which was under the New York State Department of Conservation’s Brownfield Cleanup Program.

Brownfield Redevelopment Overview