New York State Climate Action Plan: Taking Action against Greenhouse Gases

New York State Climate Action Plan


New York State Climate Action Plan


New York


New York State

In 2009, the New York State Governor set long-term goals for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the state. The Governor also ordered the formation of a Climate Action Council, consisting of heads of State entities. The Climate Action Council is charged with formulating a detailed Climate Action Plan (CAP) for achieving the GHG reduction goals.

AKRF was part of the consultant team that is providing technical and policy expertise for the CAP. Specifically, AKRF supported the Transportation and Land Use Technical Work Group. The work included:

  • Development of a long-term (year 2050) vision and policy approach
  • Identification of broader policy, infrastructure, and other challenges that would need to be addressed in order to realize the vision
  • Quantification of potential GHG emission reductions and society-wide costs and savings associated with potential policies for the transportation and land use sector
  • Enhancement of the transportation and land use greenhouse gas emission inventory and forecast

GHG emission reduction strategies assessed included:

  • Incentives for purchasing more efficient vehicles
  • Various land use strategies
  • Incentives for transit and other low-GHG travel modes
  • Other transportation demand and system management strategies

The work builds on a previous project with the New York State Department of Transportation, for which AKRF assessed closed to 50 potential strategies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector in New York State.

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