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AKRF Contributing to $53M Incentive Program for Private Property Green Infrastructure

AKRF will be a key delivery partner supporting Arcadis and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection in implementing a $53 million incentive program, the largest in the region, to engage private property owners across the five boroughs in greening their properties and managing stormwater onsite. “We’re looking forward to assisting Arcadis and NYCDEP in accelerating the delivery of green infrastructure on private properties in New York City,” said Director of Water Resources for AKRF, Shandor Szalay.

Building on its 40-year history of working with landowners in the city, AKRF’s contributions to the project will include a lead role in using GIS to understand which property owners could benefit most from the incentives and to ensure that investments are equitably distributed throughout the city. From there, the team will sit down with interested property owners to see what types of projects make the most sense. “It’s really about creating a menu of greening options that can work for many different kinds of properties, from warehousing to commercial retail, to large multi-family residential, said Szalay, whose work in Philadelphia on a similar program has helped to shape the team’s approach. “The projects can then be customized to meet the needs of individual property owners.”

The types of green infrastructure that could be built through this program include subsurface storage systems, porous pavements, rain gardens, or other site-level practices that can cost-effectively manage stormwater runoff from large impervious surfaces such as parking lots.