Economics & Real Estate Consulting

AKRF draws upon the experience of economists, planners, modelers, and accredited real estate professionals to provide our public- and private-sector clients with economic and real estate advisory services.

We have worked for local, county, state, and federal government entities; transportation agencies, industrial development agencies, and port authorities; real estate developers, retailers, and lenders; colleges and universities; hospitals and research facilities; museums and cultural institutions; and sports franchises and gaming operators.

What truly sets us apart is the ability to draw from the firm’s wider range of technical specialties. Our economists are right down the hall from urban and environmental planners, civil and traffic engineers, site remediation specialists, archaeologists, and other environmental professionals. Thus, our analyses are sensitive to the full set of issues that can influence a project’s performance.

Our analyses and reports are clear, precise, and independent, and made to stand the scrutiny of public and judicial reviews.

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Our Services

  • Economic and fiscal impact analysis
  • IMPLAN and RIMS II modeling
  • Demographic and market condition studies
  • Real estate and economic development advisory services
  • Tourism and hospitality studies
  • Value capture and generation analysis
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