AKRF has helped bring thousands of luxury and market-rate residential units to fruition. Signature projects reaching major development, construction, or occupancy milestones in recent years include 40 East End Avenue, Greenwich West, 91 Leonard Street, and 555 West 22nd Street in Manhattan; The Brooklyn Grove and Ocean Dreams in Brooklyn; Hub and ALTA+ in Queens; the Ritz-Carlton Residences North Hills on Long Island; The Lively at 321 Warren Street in Jersey City; The Exchange in Salt Lake City; and The Odeon at South Market in New Orleans.

A number of our projects include unique project considerations, such as 111 West 57th Street in Manhattan incorporating the historic Steinway Building into the base, and 53W53 in Manhattan including three floors of new exhibition space for the Museum of Modern Art. AKRF also helped transform the iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan into condominium residences.

Our services for residential clients include property due diligence; environmental and land use review; site design and regulatory permitting; building design including acoustics and noise attenuation; and construction services including environmental remediation and vibration and crack monitoring.

(Top image courtesy of Stephen B. Jacobs Group PC / Photo by Alexander Severin)

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