The age of online shopping and same-day delivery has only enhanced the importance of local warehouse and distribution facilities as well as manufacturing and other types of industrial buildings and facilities.

AKRF has provided environmental planning, permitting, and engineering services for various industrial properties, and supports workforce development and job retention in the industrial sector. We recently performed a due diligence transportation study to test auto, large tractor trailer, and box truck vehicle types for a “vertical warehouse” in the New York metropolitan area.

In Goshen, NY, AKRF has worked with Amy’s Kitchen on the construction of a large-scale food manufacturing facility on 60 acres. Additionally, AKRF provided environmental, planning, permitting, and engineering services to McInnis Cement for its new Oak Point cement terminal in the Bronx, New York, which was the first project to receive the prestigious Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines certification from the Waterfront Alliance.

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