Geographic Information Systems

AKRF provides geospatial data analysis and visualization services for planning, environmental, and engineering projects. The firm offers extensive experience researching, managing, and analyzing geographic databases, including land use and zoning, economic and census data, property information, buildings and transportation features, regulated and protected zones, water resources, topography and bathymetry, and historic maps. AKRF also provides web and mobile app development services, and publication-quality cartography.

AKRF specializes in sun and shadow studies for environmental impact assessments and site suitability assessments. These studies require an advanced suite of capabilities including accurate 3D modeling of urban and natural environments, computer-based reproduction of localized solar shadows on representative days of the year, and an understanding of regulatory context and strategic concerns to assess potential impacts to natural resources and human activities. AKRF creates visually striking and intuitive diagrams and supporting documentation.

We also provide viewshed analyses and photosimulations for visual impact studies. Diagrams and renderings are developed to client specifications and conform to regulatory requirements regarding evaluation of a project’s visibility and potential impact on nearby visual and historic resources.

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Our Expertise

  • Sun and shadow studies
  • Line-of-sight and viewshed analysis
  • Spatial data research and analysis
  • Site selection and suitability studies
  • Web and mobile app development
  • Data visualization and map production
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